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Domestic Violence/ Battery | Teifke Law Office | St. Johns, Flagler, Putnam, and Volusia Counties

If you have been charged with an act of domestic violence battery in Florida, it is very important to have an experienced criminal defense attorney on your side fighting to protect YOUR RIGHTS throughout the process.
As you might be able to gather if you are reading this, it is all too easy to get arrested in Florida for domestic battery. The process, at times, seems completely arbitrary. I find it difficult to accept that the first person in a domestic squabble who calls 911 is the "victim" while the other person is the "defendant". Many times too, it seems that the man is the one arrested despite circumstances that might indicate otherwise.
Just being accused of battery can lead to serious consequences. First, you will not be able to bond out according to a set "bond schedule" amount and rather must wait until first appearance before the judge the next day. Second, the Judge will likely issue a "no contact" order preventing any form of contact between you and the alleged victim. What this can mean is that you will not be permitted to return home. Needless to say this can cause a tremendous hardship- both financially and emotionally.
Furthermore a conviction for battery can result in the court imposing some harsh penalties- including but not limited to, jail, 26 weeks of batterer's intervention, steep fines and court costs, etc. It can also effect your rights to possess a weapon in Florida and, should you have a single prior conviction for battery, you can be charged with a felony (Florida Statute 784). This is so even if adjudication was previously withheld!
Battery charges are never eligible for sealing or expunction and therefore will always be a part of your record.
If you are looking for an experienced attorney knowledgeable in cases involving domestic violence/ battery, please call me today for a FREE CONSULTATION AND CASE EVALUATION. Your first concern is likely the "no contact" order. If appropriate, I will file a motion with the Court seeking to drop this requirement or amend it to a " no violent contact" order. From there, I will gather all the information from the State Attorney's Office, interview any witnesses, and begin to prepare your defense. Many times I have been successful in negotiating a resolution short of leaving my client with a battery charge. Other times, trial is the only route. If we go to trial, you can be assured that you will be vigorously defended.