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Few issues are as important to someone caught up in the criminal justice system as is the issue of bond. Bond essentially is the means by which the Judge ensures that a person charged with a crime will appear in court. Having too high a bond or no bond at all can mean the difference between you sitting in jail while awaiting a court date and being free to carry on your daily life. The importance of having an experienced, aggressive trial attorney to help you with your bond issues therefore goes without saying.
There are several ways by which bond issues arise. Common ways include:
* You have been or expect to be arrested on a violation of probation ( VOP) warrant ( these typically carry "no bond")
* You know an arrest warrant is out for you but are not sure of the amount of the bond or if there is even a bond on it
* You failed to appear in court and have a warrant issued ( this too usually carries "no bond")
My goal in dealing with these and similar scenarios will be to try to arrange the conditions of your release BEFORE you turn yourself in and have to sit in jail hoping to get a court date. I will work to try to convince the Court that a reasonable bond should be set. In certain instances, I will even argue for release on your own recognizance ( "ROR")
In considering bond the court considers a number of factors (see following link :
I will present these factors and any other relevant factors or witnesses to the Court in an attempt to secure reasonable conditions of your release.
If you or someone you know is seeking representation on a bond issue from an experienced, aggressive trial attorney, please contact me today for a free consultation and case evaluation.