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When a felony offense is alleged, the Attorney has the opportunity to take the deposition of the witnesses involved. Preparing a juvenile case for trial is very similar to preparing an adult case for trial. The Lawyer is allowed to speak to the witnesses involved, including public school resource officers, teachers, administrators, other children, and neighbors who may have knowledge about the case.

Contact me today and I'll schedule a consultation so we can discuss the details of your child's case and best strategies to fight the charge. The free consultation is a strategic planning session. From that meeting, your child will know what he or she needs to do as we fight for the best result.

All of the evidence and witnesses that the State intends to introduce at trial, I can present witnesses or evidence that support the juvenile's side of the event. The defendant's legal counsel can file motions to suppress evidence and motion to dismiss the charges. In many cases in which the defendant has been falsely accused the prosecutor will agree to drop the charges before trial.

The judge may dismiss the charges before trial based on a defense motion. In other cases, it may be in the minor's best interest to take the case to trial after pursuing all pre-trial motions to resolve the case. If the case proceeds to trial and the child is found not guilty, then the case is over and the minor's record will be sealed.

Winning the Case at Trial in Florida's Juvenile Court