My approach to the practice of law is simple:
Your case will be as important to me as it is to you.
Hiring an experienced Lawyer to fight your case may help you avoid conviction which may save you thousands of dollars each year for the next three (3) to five (5) years in increased car insurance premiums, court costs, expenses for DUI school, vehicle impound, time and energy to complete 50 hours of community service and drastically increased insurance premiums.

After a DUI conviction, you are required to obtain a high-risk and more expensive form of insurance called "FR-44" insurance. The most common way to avoid a DUI conviction is when the prosecutor agrees to amend the charge to "reckless driving." If the officer's decision to stop the vehicle was unreasonable under the Fourth Amendment, then all evidence in the case could be excluded which will lead to all charges being dropped.

I represent clients in various professions/backgrounds that are charged with drunk driving in any of the following zip codes so contact me to discuss your case: 32112, 32131, 32139, 32140, 32147, 32148, 32157, 32177, 32181, 32187, 32189, 32193, 32666, 32110, 32136, 32137, 32164, including college students, nurses, private and public school teachers, and members of law enforcement or the military.

Even if you are not convicted of DUI, merely being arrested on the charge may also bring immediate consequences to your educational or career opportunities, especially if you have certain types of certification or licenses. Contact me to discuss the best strategies to fight the charge.

Why Fight DUI Charges?