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There are multiple types of theft charges can be brought by the prosecutor under the Florida Law including:

  • Robbery. Under Section 812.13, Florida Statute, the term "Robbery" is defined as the taking of property which may be the subject of larceny from a person or custody of another when in the course of the taking there is the use of putting in fear, assault, violence or force.
  • Scheme to Defraud. If you enter a plea to this crime of dishonesty then you will not be eligible to seal the criminal record. Scheme to defraud is defined under Florida law as an ongoing and continuing series of acts intended to defraud someone by obtaining something of value through fraudulent or false promises, representations, or by intentionally misrepresenting some future act.
  • Burglary. Under Section 810.02, Florida Statute, the term "Burglary" is defined as "surreptitiously entering or remaining in a dwelling, structure or conveyance with the intention to commit an offense (other than trespass) inside of the dwelling, structure or conveyance at a time when the defendant is not licensed or invited to enter or remain, and the area is not open to the public."
  • Dealing in Stolen Property. Read more about dealing / trafficking in stolen property as defined by Florida Statutes Section 812.019. This second-degree felony alleges that a person traffics in property that he knows or should know was stolen.
  • False Information to Pawn Broker. Florida Statute § 539.001(8)(b)8 makes it a crime to provide false verification of ownership or false information of identification to a pawnbroker.
  • Failure to Return Leased Property. If you rent or lease property and then fail to return the property after a proper notice has been sent, then you can be prosecuted under Florida Statute Section 812.155 for hiring, leasing, or obtaining personal property or equipment with the intent to defraud or failing to return hired or leased personal property or equipment.

Types of Theft Crimes