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Once a criminal record is sealed in Florida, the public will no longer have access to the record. After the record has been sealed for 10 years, it will then become eligible for expunction.

If the court withheld adjudication after you entered a plea of guilty or no contest and you have no other convictions for any criminal offense, then you may be eligible to have your Florida record sealed. Certain offenses are not eligible to be sealed in Florida.

The prosecutor might object to the sealing of the record because of the statutory language found in both ss. 943.0585 and 943.059, Fla. Stats., that provides: "A criminal history record that relates to a violation of…[.]" (emphasis added).

If the original charge is on the list of ineligible offenses, but the prosecutor dropped, reduced, or modified the original charge to another offense not on the list of ineligible offenses, then the prosecutor might argue the court is prohibited from sealing the record.

Sealing Criminal / Arrest Record Requirements