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Below you will see the list of how can a violation of probation occur:

  • Violating the county ordinance
  • Lying to the probation officer
  • Failure to comply with the Terms of Curfew
  • Substantive violation for a new felony arrest
  • Disobeying the instructions of the probation officer
  • Moving from an approved residence without permission
  • Changing employment without notifying the probation officer
  • Failing to report to the probation officer for monthly meetings
  • Violation for getting arrested on a new misdemeanor offense
  • Failing to pay Court Costs, Fines, Restitution or Cost of Supervision
  • Leaving the county or state without permission from the probation officer
  • Not completing the minimum number of community service hours required in a particular month
  • Failure to complete a counseling program such as "Anger Management" or the Batterer's Intervention Program

Contact me or go to The Law Office of Kurt Teifke to discuss defenses that may be available under Florida law for the particular facts and circumstances of your case. If the State Attorney's Offices formally files the new charges, then the defendant might be required to answer the violation of probation charges in the felony division where the sentencing originally took place.

Probation Violations in Florida