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An experienced DUI lawyer will aggressively use all means by which the State's case can be called into question. For example, why were you stopped in the first place? The police, despite what they seem to believe at times, can not just stop a vehicle to satisfy a hunch or as a pretext to search you. There are only two primary means by which a cop can lawfully stop you:
1. He has "probable cause" that you committed a traffic infraction or
2. He has "reasonable suspicion" that you were under the influence.
Anything else will not suffice and should be argued to the Judge in a motion to suppress the stop. If successful, most likely the case against you will be dropped.
Oftentimes, an anonymous caller is the reason for the stop( i.e.- another motorist calls the police to report erratic or unusual driving). If the police stop you under these circumstances, without themselves observing such driving, this is an ILLEGAL STOP and, under Florida Law, suppression of the stop is required.
Were you detained at a roadblock? again, the police have very strict guidelines to follow in the establishment and operation of roadblocks. Where procedure is not followed, Florida Law requires suppression.
Did the police officer have enough legal suspicion to ask you to get out of the car? Did the police have enough legal suspicion to ask you to perform field sobriety exercises? Did the police administer the field sobriety exercises correctly? Did the police have probable cause to arrest you? Was blood or urine requested? ( if so, why?) Were you given the breath test within a reasonable time?
These are just a few of the several types of questions an experienced DUI attorney should be asking you to determine if a reason exists to attack the State's case against you