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Any person (regardless of gender) claiming to be the victim of violence can apply for an injunction for protection against domestic violence or repeat violence (the restraining order) in Florida.

The petition can be filed by anyone over the age of eighteen (18) to protect the petitioner and/or the petitioner's children. The person filing the petition is called the Petitioner and the person that is the target of the petition is called the Respondent.

In many cases, the court will sign an order setting a hearing on the petition for injunction for protection without the issuance of an interim temporary injunction.

The court first decides whether it will grant a temporary injunction on an ex parte basis (only after considering the petitioner's allegations). The court will then schedule the final hearing for 15 days later. During those fifteen days, attempts are made to serve the respondent with a copy of the paperwork.

Petition for Protective Order Violence Allegations