My approach to the practice of law is simple:
Your case will be as important to me as it is to you.
The fact that you did not voluntarily surrender on the warrant is perhaps the most important factor the court will consider when determining the bond amount you must pay before being released from custody. The best way to resolve your outstanding and active capias or arrest warrant depends on the particular circumstances of your case and the particular procedures allowed by the judge that will decide the issues involved.

There are the potential ways to resolve the warrant that might include one of the following:

  • Turn yourself in on the warrant and make and arraignment for me to represent you at the first appearance court which normally occurs the next morning at 9:00 a.m.
  • Use a self-arrest program that will take care of the warrant without the normal booking process at the jail.
  • For a VOP or FTA warrant, appear in court with your attorney on a "motion to surrender" to ask the judge that will ultimately hear the case to withdraw the warrant or grant a ROR bond on the warrant so that you can be released the same day without posting bond.
  • I will file a motion to withdraw the FTA warrant or capias based on a failure to appear in court if it can be shown that the failure to appear was inadvertent or unintentional.

I am experienced resolving a wide variety of warrants including an arrest warrant, a violation of probation warrant, a failure to appear capias, a bench warrant, an out of county warrant, an extradition warrant, or a Governor's warrant. Contact me today and I'll schedule a consultation so we can discuss the details of your case and best strategies to fight the charge. The free consultation is a "strategic planning session." From that meeting, you will know what you need to do as you fight for the best result in your case.

I represent clients with an active arrest warrant in the following Zip Codes: 32112, 32131, 32139, 32140, 32147, 32148, 32157, 32177, 32181, 32187, 32189, 32193, 32666, 32110, 32136, 32137 and 32164.

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