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Pick Up Order (PUO) directs the law enforcement officer to deliver the juvenile to the Juvenile Assessment Center (JAC) if the child does not appear in court at arraignment, missed another court date, or disobeys an order of the court. Once delivered to the JAC the juvenile will be held in secure detention until the detention hearing the next day.

A juvenile pick up order can be issued in any of the following reasons:

  • Order on a Violation of Juvenile Probation;
  • Pick up Order Violation of Home Detention;
  • Pick up Order Failure to Appear;
  • Pick up Order Escape;
  • Pickup Order Abscond;
  • Pick Up Order Out of County;
  • Pick Up Order Out of State;
  • Non-Delinquency Court Order or PUO
  • Pickup Order Probable Cause Warrant

The pickup order can require the child to be brought to the DJJ juvenile probation officer, Assistant Public Defender/defense attorney, parent/legal guardian, Assistant State Attorney, Department of Children and Family Services, or guardian ad litem. Unless a Judge specifically provides otherwise in the order, the Juvenile Assessment Center and the Juvenile Detention Center will treat all pick up orders involving a juvenile as a screening only order who has reached 19 years of age.

Juvenile failed to appear in Court