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Within 24 hours of being taken to the Juvenile Assessment Center (JAC), the child will be brought before the court for a detention hearing. During this hearing, an attorney is allowed to represent the child. Contact me or go to The Law Office of Kurt Teifke to discuss defenses that may be available under Florida law for the particular facts and circumstances of your child's case.

The court will then review the allegations, the juvenile's history, and other circumstances to determine whether the detention should be continued, whether the child should be released to his parent or guardian, or whether the child should be placed on home detention. In certain cases, the child is released to his or her parents before the detention hearing. However, in those cases, the child and parent must appear at the detention hearing the next day.

The juvenile court judge can release the child at the detention hearing, or continue the detention for up to 21 days. Hiring an experienced juvenile defense lawyer to appear at the detention hearing can make the difference between continued detention or release back into parental custody.

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Juvenile Detention Hearing