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If the granted Order for Protection is violated, the petitioner can file an Affidavit of Violation of Injunction in the Clerk of Court's office where the alleged violation occurred, including Putnam and Flagler County, FL. A violation can occur if the petitioner alleges that the respondent violated the order by having direct or indirect contact with the petitioner.

In other cases, the respondent can be ordered to appear for a hearing to answer charges that the Florida Restraining Order was violated. The police will be notified and can obtain a warrant to arrest the respondent for violating the Order of Protection.

The State Attorney's Office in Florida will review the Affidavit of Violation of Injunction or Restraining Order to determine whether to file a criminal charge for violation of an injunction, which is a first-degree misdemeanor punishable by twelve (12) months in the county jail. An additional violation can occur if the petitioner alleges that the respondent intentionally struck or touched the petitioner.

Violated a Domestic Violence Order of Protection or Restraining Order are treated seriously by the courts in Putnam County and Flagler County, Florida. If it has been alleged that you violated an injunction, Contact me today to discuss your case over the phone or in the office.

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