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At the hearing, the judge will hear testimony from the petitioner and respondent. The judge can grant the restraining order, continue the restraining order hearing, or dismiss the restraining order. The court has broad discretion to fashion a restraining order or domestic violence protective order which can include the following requirements:

  • A provision that prevents you from contacting the alleged victim at the alleged victim's home, place of employment, child care facility, school, or other location.
  • A "no-contact" provision that prevents you from calling, texting, e-mailing, or using a third party to contact the alleged victim.
  • Provides that you can not go within a certain number of feet of the alleged victim.
  • A provision which requires you to pay the petitioner money on a monthly basis as temporary child support; and
  • A provision which provides for the circumstances and times at which you can visit your child, called a temporary child visitation order.

The restraining order under Florida law will stay in effect until it expires, dismissed or modified by the court.

Injunction for Protection