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If your Florida record is expunged, then the public does not generally have access to any records of the arrest or prosecution. Only those agencies that would otherwise have access to a sealed record would be advised of the fact that the record had been expunged, however, the contents of the record would not be released without a court order. Instead, the agency would only receive a statement that a Criminal Information has been Expunged from this Record.

If your case was resolved without a plea then you may be eligible to have your Florida record expunged, no information or formal charges were filed by the State Attorney's Office, or the prosecutor filed charges but then dropped them (entered a nolle prosequi).

All petitions and orders to expunge or seal criminal records will substantially comply with forms set forth in Florida Rule of Criminal Procedure 3.989. If a felony criminal report affidavit is reduced to a misdemeanor and filed in the county court, that affidavit will also be sealed or expunged by the clerk and law enforcement agencies upon the entry of an order sealing or expunging misdemeanor case which states both case numbers.

Expunging Criminal / Arrest Record Requirements