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At first appearance, the court will then set a bond amount and impose other conditions of released aimed at protecting the safety of the alleged victim, the alleged victim's children, and any other person that might be in danger after the defendant's arrest.

The defendant must be held in jail until the defendant is brought before the judge at first appearance if accused of any act of domestic violence, including domestic battery, aggravated battery, domestic assault, aggravated assault, violation of a protective order or restraining order, stalking or aggravated stalking.

The court will usually impose special conditions of bond including a no contact provision which will prevent the accused from returning to his/her house, or seeing his/her children until further order of the court. If the alleged victim also appears in court to ask the court not to impose the no contact condition, the judge will usually agree and instead impose a no violent contact provision while the case is pending.

Domestic Violence Cases First Appearance Bonds