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Drug cases often revolve around the credibility of confidential informants who are working with undercover detectives to set up other individuals to commit drug crimes. Confidential informants are used routinely for sale and delivery of cocaine cases, and for serious drug trafficking cases in the Crescent City, East Palatka, Georgetown, Florahme, Hollister, Interlachen, Lake Comoo, Palatka, Pomona Park, San Mateo, Satsuma, Welaka, Melrose, Flagler county, Putnam county, Bunnell, Palm Coast and Flagler Beach.

Uncovering mistakes made by law enforcement is the key to winning these cases, as is developing the inconsistencies in the testimony of various witnesses, and attacking the physical evidence such as audiotaped or videotaped statements.

Most of the time, confidential informants are desperate to set up another individual to lessen their punishment for their criminal misconduct. Conducting an exhaustive investigation to exploit this desperation is a critical part of winning a drug case.

Additionally, the entrapment defense may be available in any case in which a confidential informant or undercover officer encouraged the defendant to commit the crime charged.

Credibility of Undercover Officers and Confidential Informants (CI)