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Under Florida Statute Section 903.047, the defendant must comply with certain conditions of release imposed by the Court. As long as the conditions of pre-trial release are reasonable, the court can set certain special conditions of release. The standard conditions typically include:

  • Not contacting the victim either directly or through a third party.
  • Not engaging in criminal activity.

If the defendant violates the conditions of release, then Florida law will allow the court to revoke the bond and hold the person without bond under certain circumstances. The hearing to revoke bond can occur at first appearance court when the Defendant comes before the court on new charges, and the judge discovers that the Defendant also has pending charges.

Florida law provides that a finding of probable cause which can be determined by the Judge from the criminal report affidavit or probable cause affidavit, by itself, is sufficient to revoke bond on the pending case. Hiring an attorney before your first appearance is critical. Contact me today and I'll schedule a consultation so we can discuss the details of your case and best strategies to fight the charge.

Can the Court Revoke your Bond?