My approach to the practice of law is simple:
Your case will be as important to me as it is to you.
The one attorney at The Law Office of Kurt Teifke are experienced in helping people with an outstanding warrant in the following zip codes: 32112, 32131, 32139, 32140, 32147, 32148, 32157, 32177, 32181, 32187, 32189, 32193, 32666, 32110, 32136, 32137 and 32164. I can help you at all stages of the case.

Whether your arrest warrant is for a new offense, a bench warrant for violation of probation, or a capias for failing to appear in court, I can help.

Contact me today or go to The Law Office of Kurt Teifke so we can talk about your capias, arrest warrant, extradition warrant or bench warrant for a case in Putnam County and Flagler County, FL.

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